Year of the 3rd party?

With the Libertarians polling around 10% and the drop out of Sanders, could this be the year a 3rd party cracks the 2 party system.

After Sanders, I don’t think I can go back to politics as usual.  Things will never change if our politicians are bought and sold.

Jon Stewart on Clinton:

Screenshot 2016-07-15 11.06.13

And if Clinton isn’t influenced by powerful donors, then she is probably just unfit to lead.  Meaning, if her lack of transparency is not to hide her true intentions to do right by the economic elite, then she is probably just too strange to lead the Left.

So I’m going with someone who makes sense.  And voting for someone who makes sense is never a wasted vote.

This makes sense to me:


If nothing else, my vote will be to crack the 2 party system.

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