One-book-itus: Noun; The virus running through the conservative party.
















I listen to a lot of right-wing radio.  I love the passion and conviction, just not the ideas.  There’s a lot of talk about how to fix the conservative party, they talk about reaching out to minorities, about putting ‘real’ conservatives in office, about getting back to traditional values, and so on.

But as far as I can tell, the biggest problem is a virus I’m calling “onebookitus”.  It is contracted when you read one and only one book and assume everything in it is undeniably true.  

The one book conservatives have read is either Atlas Shrugged by Rand or the Bible.  And overwhelmingly it is Atlas Shrugged since the Bible has too many words to finish.  



2 thoughts on “One-book-itus: Noun; The virus running through the conservative party.

  1. I think you may be wrong on that one friend. If you listen to a lot of conservative talk radio you would hear them reference many books by many different authors. At least in Georgia the talk show hosts research what they talk about.

    • I do listen to a bit of conservative radio to try understand their thinking (Armstrong & Getty mostly). Unfortunately, they are not big readers. But the problem is wider than talk radio. Dullards like Sarah Palin and Gov. Rick Perry and allowed to be conservative stars. Bohner, one of the most powerful conservatives today, holds and expresses strong opinions on complex scientific topics like climate change while openly admitting he is ‘not a scientist’. Dick “we will be greeted as liberators’ Cheney is still given air time to explain his views on Iraq strategy. This should embarrass any educated conservative. But there is no outrage, not even a whimper. I wish the conservative party was full of well-informed, thoughtful citizens as it would be better for the country to have 2 well-informed parties.

      BTW Here’s study that found Fox viewers were the least informed: I’m guessing you won’t read it.

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