What it is like inside Alex Jones’s head.

What it is like inside Alex Jones's head.

What it is like inside Alex Jones’s head.

Talking to Alex Jones is like talking to a sensitive car alarm.  At the slightest hint of threat he starts yelling and screaming.

We need more people willing to take unpopular points of view because it will improve the national dialogue.   But this guy is clearly not into dialogue.  He doesn’t appear to be in his right mind either.

Interview with Piers Morgan: 

Me when someone explains how he needs assault rifles to fight tyranny.

Me when an NRA member explains how he needs his guns to fight tyranny.

The logic of this hurts my head.

Why do gun lovers think they need assault weapons to fight an oppressive regime?  Why don’t they demand tanks and missiles too?  Would tanks be too much but normal rifles too little to fight oppression?

The line they have drawn is so arbitrary.  It is just a historical artifact.  Yet they debate with the idea that it is a God given right to own assault rifles.

Like I said, it makes my head hurt.